Welcome to my art gallery. These are just a few of the paintings I've crafted for anyone that wants to look. They are for sale in case you'd like to purchase one.

There's more where these came from, and I'm making plans for a bright future by expanding an art business. Look for the name of Ivy & Guy Artisans. (Ivy and Guy were my grandparents' names). Look for more good things to come!

Thank you for visiting and come back again.


About Me

I originally designed this blog spot to talk about writing, my books, and anything that came up.  I AM STILL WRITING, but I've uncovered something about myself (at my age) that baffles me.  I might be an artist!?  I started painting and designing art with fabric and I cannot stop.  This whole thing started with 6 Christmas presents for my grandchildren and has turned into an indescribable, awesome, life-changing event!

I am truly blessed, and this entire episode is a miracle.